Friday, June 7, 2013

A Little Random Goes a Long Way

There is a lot of random going on in the quilt room. Sorta fits the family right now as we are wrapping up the school year and the main part of my work year. 

Here are a few random pictures for you...

Nothing more nerve wracking than the first time I took Bernie apart to clean and oil her. I've been using a lot of precuts and I SWEAR they shed more than yardage! There is fuzz everywhere! But leave it to Bernina to give me step by step video guidance. Yes, that's a Crayola pain brush and it's wonderful at getting out the fuzz. The maintenance guys at the LQS said, "Don't worry about it! You can't hurt these machines unless you take a hammer to it!" I wish I could believe him.

I'm trying to get some actual quilting done on the stack of pretty tops I have...
I like doing loops - I think they are fun and go pretty fast.

"Leeeeeeeeft... rrrrrrrrright... leeeeeeee...... AGHHHHHH! BOBBIN!!!"
The bobbin on these machines is HUGE and as many as I seem to go through I can't imagine what it would have been like on my old machine. And while on the topic of the actual quilting, have I mentioned how great the Bernina Stitch Regulator is?!? 

And that concludes our trip into left field for today. Hopefully the next post will have pictures of a huge stack of finished quilts. I am looking into the binding foot for Bernie to make the binding of these guys easier..... 

Stay tuned.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's Been A While...

...but you know, life happens. I wish I could say my only job was to sit and create beautiful things on my sewing machine (after all, it's such a purdy piece of Swiss engineering) but alas, there are bills to pay and fabric to be bought so I do have to work. And last month was our BIG event so that was my focus. Then it took me a while to recover... cause I don't bounce back as quickly as I used to. But I have been up to some things these last two months:

I completed the Sweetwater kit I bought before we moved. I love the spools... and the colors... and the Mama Said Sew fabric line. Perfect for my little studio. I also had that little sign made as an inspiration to get off my butt and really move on the business idea I have in my head. It's scary, though.

I have been diligently working on my hexies... in fits and starts. I have the top almost as wide as I would like it. I did get some done on the way to Ashville over spring break. I tell you, those wonder clips are awesome!

My LQS made jelly rolls out of rainbow batiks... they were so beautiful I had to get two! I really like this little quilt. So easy to pull together!!!

I finally figured out what I was going to do with my honey bun of Neptune. I love this fabric line from Tula Pink and you can't find it anywhere anymore! I have a layer cake I found on Ebay that I will do something with at some point. I used a simple keyhole block and this came together really quickly.

I found this yardage while we were still in Germany and it was just the right size for the borders and backing. I love using up my stash!!! Speaking of Tula Pink - her new Salt Water line is really nice too. I have a jelly roll of that waiting to be used!

I also have squares all cut up for an Eye Spy quilt that I just need to put together. My daughter helped me pick out all the fun fabrics!

But, right this minute I'm working on this...
I looked all over the Internet for a pieced owl pattern and didn't see one I liked. So I'm making one. It's a little rough around the edges but we will see how it turns out. Might be scary ;-).

I'm also making my summer goals... how to get things accomplished with a busy 7 year old home all day... and one is to sew more and blog more. Or at least stay relatively up to date. We will see how it goes.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

What happens in a month...

It's been a big month here. I've gotten my new sewing space settled. It's amazing what a difference having a dedicated space can make! AND all my beautiful fabric out of the totes and closet and where I can SEE it... and more importantly USE it!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to me from TMOMD. This is a great 'for now' sewing table. It was not too expensive (because it's likely to be moved a few times) and will do a great job until we settle in our Forever house one day and I get a fancy table with an air lift and all the other bells and whistles. You might not notice but I even have a small design area behind my machine. And I'm working on a wall hanging.

My 'cutting' table. Yeah, this could use work but the motto (well, one of them) of an Army Wife is 'Semper Gumby'... 'Always Flexible'! Most important to me is that I can put it all away in about ten minutes when we need to have the wide open space of an extra room for guest or whatever.

Quilt #4 from some stash fabric. Actually it's from a kit I decided I was never going to use. Pretty darn cute, if I say so myself.

#5: Bunnies in the Garden
I made this quilt at the request of my mother-in-law for a baby gift. I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

See the bunnies hopping around the garden?

And the CUTEST selvage I've ever seen. 

I'm also in love with the Bernina Stitch Regulator!!! Suddenly my least favorite part of making a quilt is no longer the actual quilting (it's the basting process now). This is not perfect but as my wonderful husband says, "It's a quilt. It's handmade. It's not suppose to be perfect." I love that man so much. 

Pieced that back with an extra block I had - just love that little surprise.

And after the wash. Do you wash your quilts before you give them away? I always do... mainly because I like the crinkled up look they get when the batting does that "3% shrink" the package warns of. It helps to hide any quilting imperfections. And lastly, but also pretty important, is that I can see if I have missed anything. Like with this quilt - I missed a whole seam.

And in other news...

When TMOMD gets in from the field I believe we are going to officially start a business. My goal is to be at the Arts and Craft show the post puts on in the fall and maybe have an online store front carrying things I have made. Hence, all the baby/toddler quilts. They come together pretty quickly. I also have some other things I hope are unique to our military community in mind to make. With that in mind I've been picking up a good bit of fabric on sale when I see something I like. And I have not kept up with how much... exactly. Sooo, I'm calling it quits from doing a stash report. Especially since I've been working a lot with precuts and I'm not sure what the yardage on that is. And maybe since I'm actually going through a bit of fabric (I pulled out all my batting and backing and have quilts those first four quilts all bundled together to get finished) I don't feel like I need to do it anymore. So I am taking a break. 

And now my sick child is calling. No, I don't think she's actually sick any more - but she was sick all night long. I'm so thankful the light of morning brought the end of her nocturnal projection. Too much junk yesterday perhaps. But I think I will go read to her while she enjoys a warm bath. 

Stitch on, my friends.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Quilt #3 and a Name

Here is top #3 for 2013. It gives me no end of satisfaction to be able to say I've got three quilt tops out of the way. It makes me happy.

While I was quilting this on my new machine I thought, "This will be my first Bernie quilt."
And just like that she had a name.

Bernie, my first Bernina.

I am not so naive to think that this could be my last new sewing machine, Bernina or not.

I also had to go back to the LQS today to drop off an extra foot that ended up in my box. And while I meant to only pick up a couple more fat quarters of Owlivia (humm, don't think I added that last week) for a new lap quilt for my little girl I ended up with four yards of Deb Strain's Meadow Friends

~ Week 7 WRAP-UP ~

In this Week: 7 yards
In year to date: 27 yards
Out this Week: 1.5 yards
Out 2013: 5 yards

Net totals for 2013: -22 yards
Net totals 2011-2013: -37.5 yards

Saturday, February 9, 2013


After patiently waiting for almost three months my new sewing machine has arrived! 
It took two gals and a cart to get it in the back of my car.

I might have been able to get it out of my car alone but waited for the hubby because... well why chance it. The box is almost as big as my dog!

I've been a little silly all day squealing like a teenager at a New Kids on the Block concert.

This machine is a monster - it weighs 31.5 pounds - twice as much as my workhorse industrial Singer. And it's about twice as big!

She's a beauty... and very intimidating. I am thankful my LQS offers mastery classes but I am bummed I won't be able to get in one for a month. Stupid job. I don't think I can wait a month to play though... 

Next step - new sewing table. The folding table I have right now is not going to take the weight.

In other news... I'm back in the red. I could not resist this stack of loverlys....

Simply Color by Vanessa Christenson. She has a new line coming out this year, Simply Style that looks like it's going to coordinate nicely. I might put off cutting this up until I can get my hands on that too. Anyway, I have been lusting this fabric for a while so when I saw a deal I got it. 

~ Week 6 WRAP-UP ~

In this Week: 20 yards
In year to date: 20 yards
Out this Week: 0 yards

Out 2013: 3.5 yards

Net totals for 2013: -16.5

Net totals 2011-2013: -32 yards

I am thinking a lot about doing the local craft fair this fall... That should help my numbers.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Hit 2013 Sewing!

My new machine is still MIA... probably in pieces waiting to be put together. Bernina did send a gift certificate to offset the wait for the 750s. Guess I'm in a popular club.

So I did some work on my hand sewn hexies. I had to put the grey border on so I had a start/stopping place and was not dealing with a infinitely growing thing anymore. I plan to put a big border all the way around so the hexies are sorta floating on it. And, as I've started to say, it MIGHT be finished by the time we leave Ft. Bragg... which might be in a year and a half. I can only take hexies for a while before I need a break. The Hubs pointed out when I had all this laid out, "Wow. You have a long way to go!!!" Gee, thanks. So I put down my hexies and was going to work on a Project Life scrapbook of our time in Europe while I wait for my new beauty (LQS said March...) to arrive and demand to be used! And I've started...


I just could not stay away, especially when the nice ladies at the LQS told me about this super quick jelly roll pattern. I actually split an older jelly roll into 'boy' and 'girl' colors and went to town on two toddler size quilts. Not sure I *LOVE* it and I think had I kept the roll together (40 strips verses 20 per quilt) it might have turned out better.

I have a hard time being 'random' and in my effort to do that better like colors 'randomly' gravitated towards each other. And the blue border is just a shade off the perfect color blue. 

Added the little turtle similar to one of the prints to balance things...

Girl colors... my daughter who is VERY into owls right now was convinced I made this for her. It's not nearly big enough for her! You can see the owl on this one pretty good!

A nice thing about these quilts - other than I have *TWO* tops done two weeks into the new year (eeekkkk!!) - is that every bit came out of my stash (except new fusible web for the applique). Which leads me to...
~ Week 2 WRAP-UP ~

In this Week: 0 yards
In year to date: 0 yards
Out this Week: 3.5 yards
Out 2013: 3.5 yards

Net totals for 2013: 3.5

Net totals 2011-2013: -12 yards

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Wrap Up

Once again I'm sad at how little was finished this year but I guess when you spend a large portion of the last two years in boxes and moving the rest of the time has to be spent getting out of boxes and settling. Which for me means less sewing. I have been steadily pecking away at my hexies. The cutest owl costume ever (according to my husband, the family and our neighborhood). Made a queen size quilt for our bed. And a very girly baby quilt for a new family member. So it's not a complete bust. In hind sight the 12 in 2012 was ambitious for a moving year but I hope to do better this year. 

Especially with my new machine coming to live with us... eventually. There is apparently such demand that it's back ordered until MARCH!!! *SIGH* I guess that means I have plenty of time to find the right, temporary, sewing table. It's a monster so I need to find something that can handle the weight and survive the possible moves we might have left before retirement. The table I REALLY want is WAY too nice to invest in with the possibility of movers damaging it. We have realized over the last 13 years that some things were just never made to be moved as often as we have to move.  

So, I hope your 2013 is wonderful. Happy new year!

~ 2012 WRAP-UP ~

In this Week: 2 yards

In year to date: 31 yards
Out this Week: 0 yards
Out 2012: 22.75 yards

Net totals for 2012: -8.25

Net totals 2011-2012: -15.5 yards