Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Report Day - Week.... ?

Well, I'm not going to count weeks at this point. Between the move and the job and life in general AND the fact that the end of the year is coming on pretty fast I give up.

So, what I've been up to other than organization....

I finally got all the hexi's made and then sewn into flowers... 

I decided on a layout and got some fabric to add to it. I saw this layout at Sew Inspired and loved the way the solid hexis popped (you should see my hubby talk - sarcastically - about how it "pops"... so funny).

So now I am sewing them together. I am using the Quilt Patis, which are GREAT, but I think I have 100 (two packs) so I have to sew all these (that's 90 hexis there), take out the forms and then start all over again. Yes, it's getting easier with practice but it's sad to think that this is only about 13.5" by 16". Some quick math (hang on... not so quick with the math... who said you would never use algebra and geometry again after high school?!?) indicates I will need to make 20 more of these units to get a decent sized throw blanket. Sigh. I am resisting the urge to just make it a wall hanging. Maybe once I get this part done I will take a break to work on the Christmas quilt I want to make. 

~ WEEK ??? WRAP-UP ~

In this Week: .5 yards
In year to date: 29 yards
Out this Week: 0 yards
Out 2012: 22.75 yards

Net totals 2011-2012: -12.5 yards

OH! And the other thing I've been up to lately...

Working on an owl costume for Boogie...

Almost done - there are wings with "real" feathers and of course you can't have an owl without the little horn looking part on the top of the head. 

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