Saturday, February 9, 2013


After patiently waiting for almost three months my new sewing machine has arrived! 
It took two gals and a cart to get it in the back of my car.

I might have been able to get it out of my car alone but waited for the hubby because... well why chance it. The box is almost as big as my dog!

I've been a little silly all day squealing like a teenager at a New Kids on the Block concert.

This machine is a monster - it weighs 31.5 pounds - twice as much as my workhorse industrial Singer. And it's about twice as big!

She's a beauty... and very intimidating. I am thankful my LQS offers mastery classes but I am bummed I won't be able to get in one for a month. Stupid job. I don't think I can wait a month to play though... 

Next step - new sewing table. The folding table I have right now is not going to take the weight.

In other news... I'm back in the red. I could not resist this stack of loverlys....

Simply Color by Vanessa Christenson. She has a new line coming out this year, Simply Style that looks like it's going to coordinate nicely. I might put off cutting this up until I can get my hands on that too. Anyway, I have been lusting this fabric for a while so when I saw a deal I got it. 

~ Week 6 WRAP-UP ~

In this Week: 20 yards
In year to date: 20 yards
Out this Week: 0 yards

Out 2013: 3.5 yards

Net totals for 2013: -16.5

Net totals 2011-2013: -32 yards

I am thinking a lot about doing the local craft fair this fall... That should help my numbers.

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  1. Loving your new fabric. A new designer to add to my list. Enjoy playing with your new machine.